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The Implementation Strategy Plan, prepared with the assistance of consulting firm McKinsey & Co., describes in detail all steps necessary for the implementation of the National Health System as well as the transition from the existing Health System already in place to the new system. It also outlines the strategic design and architecture of an Information Technology solution to support the National Health System, the principles and conditions necessary for the establishment of the Family and Specialist Doctor concept as well as the clinical and diagnostic examinations, the provision of medication and other healthcare services, the reimbursement mechanisms for service providers, the set-up of the Global Budgeting mechanism, the communication strategy and the Health Insurance Organisation's stucture. As a result of drafting the Implementation Strategy Plan, a detailed road map with clearly defined and specific tasks has been drawn, including all necessary reforms required in the Health sector in general.

The proposed National Health System's main characteristics are:

  • Financing resources originating in contributions from the Emloyers, Employees, Self-Employed, Pensioners, Income-earners and the Goverrnment

  • Procurement of healthcare services from both the public and private sectors

  • Patient freedom of choosing healthcare service provider

  • Implementation of the Family Doctor concept

  • Financial self-sustainability through the establishment of the Health Insurance Fund

  • Global Budgeting (expenses will not exceed contributions) and providers pricing readjustment mechanism

  • Universal Coverage.




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