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Upon approval of the Strategic Plan in December 2006, the staff of the HIO formed eight (8) thematic working teams which work methodically and intensively for the design and preparation of the strategic documents of the following concepts of the New Health System:

Family Doctor
Specialist Doctor
Clinical Laboratories
Pharmaceutical Services
Accident and Emergency Departments
Allied Health Professions
Inpatient care and
System Financing and Global Budgeting

With the guidance of consultancy firm McKinsey & Co., the working teams have accomplished a very important task in drafting the policy papers that describe the basic principles of the System's operation. In particular, the policy papers describe the current situation and the challenges in migrating from the existing system to the new Health System, the operating guidelines of Healthcare Providers and the minimum requirements they must satisfy in order to be contracted by HIO and joined the National Health System, the prerequisites for contract renewal, the reimbursement scheme etc. These documents will form the basis of discussions/negotiations with the Healthcare Providers before they are made final.

In addition, HIO has conducted regular meetings, with all involved parties and healthcare providers to contribute in the amendment of the legal framework in order to be consistent and to respond to current needs, challenges and ideas. In particular, HIO held meetings with Cyprus Medical Association, Cyprus Dental Association, Cyprus Pharmaceutical Association, The Association of Directors of Clinical Laboratories, Biomedical and Clinical Laboratory Scientists, Cyprus Nurses and Midwives Association, The Association of the Patients' Rights Protection, The Private Hospitals Association as well as with The Ministry of Health, The Ministry of Finance and The Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance. As a result of this long and painstaking effort, a bill was drafted which was accepted unanimously with exceptions only in a few clauses. This process has now been completed and the bill has been forwarded to the House of Representatives for voting.

The Organisation is negotiating with all stakeholders involved and is working on the regulatory framework which needs to be prepared according to legislation. At the same time staff is being recruited and the Organisation is preparing the strategy and the communication plan for the public and other stakeholders. Moreover, Mercer consultants have concluded the actuarial study for estimating tha cost of the NHIS, while the competitive dialogue process for the selection of a vendor to build, operate and support a complete IT solution for the NHIS is expected to proceed soon.

Regarding further implementation of the National Health System, a lot depends on the actions taken by bodies beyond the Organisation's jurisdiction and control, on matters like, for instance, the approval of the amendments to the legal framework, the re-organisation of public hospitals, the training of Doctors and other Healthcare providers, on time collection of funds etc.



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