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Dear visitor,

Welcome to the Official Website of the Health Insurance Organisation.

As you may know, the Organisation was established under Article 4 of Law 89(I)/2007 providing for the introduction of a National Health System and related matters and is a public legal entity. The Organisation's goal is the implementation of the National Health System based on the following principles:

  • Solidarism and Justice

  • Universal coverage

  • Effective and high quality healthcare

  • Efficient use of all resources

  • Addressing the needs and concerns of patients

Through this website you can be informed of the progress made by the Organisation's efforts for the introduction of the System, as well as for the relevant legislation. We aim in delivering to you a user friendly wedsite containing the most current and valid information regarding the National Health System.

I hope that you will find the HIO website to be a useful source of information about the Organisation and its important role. In our efforts to better serve the public, we highly appreciate your comments and suggestions in improving our site.




2014 Cyprus Health Insurance Organisation
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