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   Clinical Guidelines (CG) - Introduction

Within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Troika and the preparation of NHIS implementation, the Ministry of Health (MoH) in collaboration with the Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) have established teams for the preparation, implementation and monitoring of Clinical Guidelines (CG) / Clinical Pathways (CP) and laboratory algorithms (protocols). The resulting CG/CP and laboratory algorithms have been developed based on relevant publications by trustworthy agencies (e.g. NICE UK), have been adapted to the Cyprus context following a validation and evaluation process and translated in the Greek language.

They are directed to healthcare professionals in Cyprus and are intended to assist in the practice evidence-based medicine, thereby improving the quality of health outcomes, while reducing costs. It is expected that healthcare professionals, in the exercise of their duties, will refer to these guidelines/algorithms and use them as a supporting tool. Undoubtedly, guidelines/algorithms cannot substitute a physician's scientific judgement, or responsibility in the management of patients.

Healthcare professionals, in both the public and private sector, through the Cyprus Medical Association and medical societies as well as other healthcare professionals, contributed to the work on the CG/CP and laboratory algorithms. Their development is a dynamic process, based on the latest knowledge about disease. While every effort will be made to have the resulting documents enriched and revised every three years based on the latest research / scientific data, the authors, the MoH and the HIO disclaim any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness, as well as consequent misuse.

The Clinical Guidelines are divided into three categories:

                Primary Healthcare Clinical Guidelines (only in Greek)

                Secondary / Tertiary Healthcare Clinical Guidelines (only in Greek)

                Laboratory Exams (only in Greek)




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